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Kootenay Lake School District # 8 | Transportation

Routes – West


Morning Afternoon
Special Needs-City Of Nelson/Perrier Rd. Special Needs – City of Nelson/Perrier Rd.
Proctor to Redfish, Balfour, Redfish, Hume, LV Rogers, Trafalgar  Redfish to Procter; Trafalgar to Procter
 16 Moose  Secondary Student Express Bus – Redfish to Nelson  Redfish to Upper Longbeach, Hwy 3A, Ecole des Sentiers-Alpins and CEC
Queens Bay to Redfish, Hume, LVR, Trafalgar, South Nelson and CEC Trafalgar/LV Rogers to Queens Bay
Nelson, North Shore to Redfish, then Hwy 3A to Hume, LVR, Trafalgar, CEC CEC, Trafalgar, LVR to North Shore and Redfish
Lower 6 Mile Road to Johnstone Road, Hume, LVR, Trafalgar, South Nelson and CEC South Nelson, Hume to Johnstone Road & North Shore, then Trafalgar, and LVR to Johnstone Road & 6 Mile
Kapak Rd, Hall Siding, Perrier Rd. to Trafalgar, Central, Hume, S.Nelson, LV Rogers Redfish to Queens Bay, ESA, Hume, LV Rogers, Central, Trafalgar, Hall Siding, Kapak Rd.
Sproule Creek/Beasley to Blewett, Trafalgar, CEC, LV Rogers Waldorf Charter
Carlson Road/49 Creek to Blewett, Trafalgar, S.Nelson, CEC, L.V. Rogers Blewett Elem to 49 Creek, Vernon St, Hume, then LVR, Trafalgar to Blewett and 49 Creek
Nelson-Beasley-Viewridge-Blewett, Trafalgar, S.Nelon-Hume-LV Rogers Blewett Elem to Sproule Cr, Beasley, Bonnington, Vernon St, then LVR & Trafalgar to Granite Rd and Sproule Cr.
Nelson, Granite Rd, Blewett, Taghum Frontage Rd to Blewett Elem, Hume, LVR, Trafalgar and CEC Hume, S. Nelson to Hall Siding/Kapak Rd, Trafalgar, LVR to Granite Rd, Beasley, Bonnington. Vernon St.
Passmore, Winlaw, Brent Kennedy, Mt Sentinel Brent Kennedy MSSS to Shoreacres then MSSS to South Slocan and Bonnington
Piljek Road, New Settlement, Upper Krestova to B. Kennedy, Mt. Sentinel, Lower Krestova to Br. Kennedy, Mt. Sentinel Brent Kennedy – Upper Krestova – New Settlement; Mt. Sentinel – Upper Krestova – New Settlement
27 Duck Park n Ride, Slocan Village, Bonnington, Brent Kennedy, Mount Sentinel Brent Kennedy, Mt Sentinel, Cresent Valley, Pass Creek, Piljek Rd
Passmore to Brent Kennedy, Mt Sent, Shoreacres to Brent Kennedy, Mt. Sentinel Brent Kennedy, Slocan Park, Brent Kennedy, Mt. Sentinel, Slocan Park, Upper Passmore
Appledale to Winlaw, Slocan River Rd, Brent Kennedy, Mt. Sentinel Brent Kennedy, Mt Sentinel to Winlaw & Appledale
Slocan to Mt Sentinel, Bonnington and Brent Kennedy Brent Kennedy/Bonnington/Mt Sentinel, WE Graham
WE Graham to Passmore & Winlaw; Back to WE Graham Winlaw, Appledale, WE Graham, Passmore
Ross Spur and Salmo Ski Hill to Salmo Elementary and Secondary Salmo Elem/Sec to Ski Hill and Ross Spur
Nelway to Airport Road and Salmo Elementary/Secondary Salmo Elementary/Secondary to Airport Road and Nelway
 34   Bird  Ymir, Hwy 6 to Salmo Elementary/Secondary  Salmo Elementary/Secondary to Hwy 6 and Ymir
Argenta Rd/Lardeau/Meadow Cr to Jewett Elem, JV Humphries Howser/Jewett/Argenta/Lardeau/Argenta/JVH
Kaslo to Ainsworth to JVH, Fletcher Cr/Kaslo Backroad JVH/Kaslo Bk Rd/Ainsworth