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Procedure and Code of Conduct for Bus Students

The Board of Trustees of School District No. 8 (Kootenay Lake) expects that every person using the District bus services will ensure that each bus trip is a safe and pleasant experience for all passengers and driver. Every person using the bus will demonstrate a concern for safety and respect for their fellow passengers and their bus by observing the following rules and regulations on all regular routes and extra-curricular trips.

  • Riders shall line up and enter the bus in an orderly manner.
  • Riders shall sit in the seats assigned by the driver and will co-operate with the driver in accommodating other students’ seating needs. eg – seating three to a seat. Seats may be reassigned at the driver’s discretion.
  • Riders must remain seated and orderly at all times when bus is in motion so the driver will not be distracted.
  • Students must not chew gum, eat sunflower seeds, peanuts, popcorn or Ichiban noodles. Eating of lunches and snacks shall be allowed at the discretion of the driver. If abused, this privilege shall be suspended. No litter shall be left on the bus by students.
  • After disembarking, if riders need to cross the road from the designated stop, they shall do so three (3) meters in front of the stopped bus and only on the signal of the bus driver. Crossing the road behind the bus is dangerous and not permitted.
  • Small band instruments or other carry on items contained in an appropriate fashion and that can be easily accommodated in the lap of the rider may be taken on the school bus. i.e.- anything that:
  • will fit on a student’s lap safely
  • not be above the seat in front
  • must be properly housed or contained in an approved case/ container
  • will not impede the safe use of the seat with fellow student(s)
  • skateboards must be contained in a bag pre-approved by the Transportation Coordinator
  • Smoking and the lighting of fires/matches or lighters, disrespect, inappropriate behavior, and/or swearing is strictly prohibited.
  • The consumption or transport of alcohol, drugs/narcotics or any illegal substances is strictly prohibited.
  • Students not using the busing system on a regular basis will not be guaranteed a seat. Regular = 4 days p/week.
  • The Principal may, upon written request from the parent, give a student permission to ride the bus for a special reason. Such requests should not be frequent and must adhere to existing bus routes and stops.

All student riders will only be allowed to disembark at the school or stop nearest their home unless the parent or guardian gives prior written or personal approval or permission of the School Administration to disembark at another approved stop.
Students shall abide by the same code of behaviour as would be expected at their schools. The School Principal has the authority under the School Act, Section 5.3 to discipline any student who misbehaves both to and from school which includes at or near a bus stop.

NOTE: Each driver has complete authority over his/her bus. Principals and Vice-Principals at each school recognize and support the Driver’s authority over all passengers. The Safety of All Passengers Will Not Be Compromised. Should any student not comply with the Code of Conduct outlined above, the Transportation Coordinator and/or Principal may suspend riding privileges or initiate other disciplinary measures.
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